vehicles we wash

- Tractors

- Trailers

- Motor homes / RVs / Fifth Wheels

- Straight Trucks

- Box trucks

- Dump trucks

- Wreckers

- Buses

- Service trucks

- Pickup trucks

- Sprinters

- Vans

- Limos

- Horse trailers


trailer washouts

We use hot water to ensure your trailer is thoroughly clean inside and ready for your next load.  We can even use an EPA registered sanitizer to disinfect the trailer. Don't take the chance of getting refused at your next load. We wash out:

- Reefers

- Dry vans

- Containers

- Hoppers

- Dump beds


Aluminum brightening

We use an acid based aluminum brightener to remove oxidation and brighten up wheels, tanks, boxes, headache racks, trailer rails, dump beds, and horse trailers. We use a special polished aluminum cleaner to remove dirt and grime to enhance the shine of your polished aluminum parts.


rain-x complete surface protectant

This unique product will make your truck wash last longer than ever before. Using advanced water repelling technology, Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant is engineered to create a water repellent layer that chemically bonds to all exterior surfaces. After 24 hours, Rain-x Complete actually cures onto the surfaces of your vehicle for better adhesion, longer lasting performance and enhanced protection compared to most other products.  A treatment of Rain-x Complete helps level out the microscopic surface irregularities on the surfaces of your vehicle to enhance shine and water beading. It takes us two minutes to spray on this product to the entire vehicle, at a cost of only $10. 


Steam cleaning / degreasing

We specialize in removing oil and grease off all surfaces. Spraying down the engine compartment and frame is always included with every wash, but if steaming and degreasing is required we kindly ask you make an appointment. We highly recommend getting a steam job if you plan on getting your truck serviced, having paint work performed, or are selling the vehicle.  


parts cleaning

- Mechanical parts

- Molds and dyes